About the author: Hi there it’s me, Madeline a.k.a. “Bacall”  I am an entrepreneur,  passionate about History, avid student of History, LOVE  Classic Film, fashion, reading old books, old newspapers,  and old pictures. I am always reading some history book and many wonder if I’ve lost my mind.   I am a Native New Yorker, turned Southern Peach. What more can I say, I just LOVE history and I want to share my passion with you. I try my hardest to make history fun. If we don’t know our history, we don’t know where we are headed. It is my hope that these little morsels of history will encourage you to be open to learning of our past. It isn’t as boring as you think!

About this blog: In this blog you will find information on little known history facts. You will get amusing and/or interesting morsels of history that will surprise you.  Can you trust the information? Yes, rest assured all information has been thoroughly researched and obtained from multiple sources. On most articles links are provided for further research.

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