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The Story of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes

7 February 2012


I’ve been on a Corn Flakes kick lately,  and of course it must be, the best, the one and only Kellogg’s Corn Flakes. One morning as I crunched on a few flakes, I thought, “Gee I wonder who came up with this?”

It all started back in the day….

It’s the 1890’s and a new health guru, Harvey Kellogg has set up a Sanitarium in Michigan where he taught others how to eat healthy and live longer. Many flocked to hear this charismatic man’s wisdom. Kellogg was a medical doctor who believed that the then American diet was bad. He called the modern cooking, “the greatest bane of civilization.” He felt that the way to happiness and health is having a healthy “digestive tract.” He believed that most illnesses and deaths were due to indigestion and bad eating habits. He must be turning in his grave.  He served healthy low-calorie diets in the Sanitarium, but worried what would happen to his patient’s eating habits once they returned home.

Kellogg experiments at home with a low calorie, ready to eat, breakfast food he would sell by mail order. Thanks to his wife and brother he came up with a product which most of us are familiar with, Kellogg Corn Flakes! Later, Kellogg’s brother, Will Keith took over the business. Will had flair when it came to marketing. One of his first ads, urged customers not to buy the new product, because there wasn’t enough available; needless to say, the cereal flew off the shelves.

A little on the weird  side but…..

Kellogg had a passion for digestion and came up with this product; however, I have to say he was a little too zealous. It is said that he gave himself an enema every day. Whatever… He also said that he was celibate through more than 40 years of marriage. Okay it  sounds extreme, but the man lived to see 90, but so have others who have not done as he. Just saying. 😀

So the next time, you are chewing on a crunchy corn flake, remember how a pioneering health guru came up with this brilliant idea.



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